Sister Wives Season 17: What We Can Tell Fans So Far

Sister Wives Season 17: What We Can Tell Fans So Far

Season 17 of Sister Wives hasn’t been announced yet, but fans are already calling the new season a game changer, especially after Christine Brown’s departure. Last season showed the Browns in turmoil as their large family unit began to break down in front of fans’ eyes. Now, the new season will essentially show Kody Brown trying to pick up the pieces of his failed relationships.

Sister Wives Season 17: What We Can Tell Fans So Far

The TLC series has been one of the network’s most successful television shows for a while, thanks to the cameras following the large polygamous family. The entire Brown clan is still feeling the repercussions of Christine and Kody Brown’s breakup. Fans were not shocked at all by the third wife’s departure, after she claimed for years that she was unhappy in her marriage.

Although many viewers thought that Meri Brown would be the first to pull the trigger, it happened that she was the mother of six children. Now only Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Kody Brown are left, as fans wonder what a new season might bring.

Without a doubt, season 17 of Sister Wives would be a game changer as it would show Kody Brown recovering from a divorce. Both Janelle and Meri Brown have also begun to weigh their options. Sadly, fans learned during season 16 that Kody lost any romantic feelings for Meri that he had left behind. The father of 18 also shared that there was no chance of getting back together with Meri.

While the mother of one stated that she would not leave the family, fans wondered if she might change her mind during the next season and finally leave him behind. Meri has been making new friends and living a single life, with fans thinking she may be waiting to make her big moves while the cameras are rolling.

Another important aspect of the new storyline could involve the older children and the fact that many are speaking out against Kody Brown. Viewers have already seen how Janelle’s oldest son challenged his father on national TV regarding Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules. After the season ended, Christine and Kody’s only son, Paedon, also began speaking out. Viewers feel that TLC will try to use the children’s issues in a storyline that could be a big hit for the series. Hearing Brown’s children’s side of the story about polygamy would no doubt be a very interesting twist.

Although TLC has yet to confirm a new season of Sister Wives, fans would be surprised if it doesn’t happen. The show has been bringing in high ratings for years, and it finally started to get interesting, thanks to Christine’s move to Utah. The next few seasons could be difficult for the whole family, but TLC will want to catch all the unpleasant moments.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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