Sister Wives: What’s Next For Meri?

Sister Wives: What’s Next For Meri?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been making headlines as she continues to show fans the importance of friendship in her life. Recently, Meri shared a lengthy message on social media, talking about how her recent holiday with her friends and daughter gave her so much strength.

Fans also think Meri Brown looks happier when she spends time with her friends. Now Meri is back to share another update with fans. This time, Meri shares a heartfelt message to her friend Jen, who is celebrating her birthday.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has shared longer messages about her friends. According to some, it’s clear to see that Meri is more focused on her friends than her multiple families. There are also reports claiming that Meri hardly interacts with Kody Brown and the ladies behind the cameras.

Meanwhile, fans are happy that Meri Brown found happiness with her friends. Apparently, many felt bad about Meri’s current status in the multifamily, especially with Kody Brown. Some, however, have not lost hope that Meri will eventually forge stronger relationships with all family members.

Sister Wives: What’s Next For Meri?

At this point, Sister Wives star Meri Brown has given her friends time and effort. To some, it’s a sign that Meri is still struggling with a multifamily relationship. Because of this, fans can expect Meri to continue to focus more on her friends. Meri also recently took to social media to share that her weekly live show with Jen has finally returned.

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