Sister Wives: What’s Next For The Series?

Sister Wives: What’s Next For The Series?

Sister Wives is currently in the midst of a very interesting season. The pandemic is still a heavy topic as Kody Brown’s loyalty to his wives comes into question. At the same time, viewers are witnessing the beginning of the end for Christine Brown.

In a preview of Sunday’s episode, Kody Brown tells her that he no longer wants an intimate wedding. Therefore, she packs up all of her belongings from her Flagstaff home and leaves them in the garage. This has left fans wondering if there will be a season 17 and, if so, who will be on it. Yes, the show will be back, and here is what is known about the current season.

It’s hard to believe that viewers could be any more frustrated with the Brown patriarch, Kody, than they have been in the past. Yet somehow, he’s set a new bar this season, currently airing on TLC. The father of eighteen has made such strict pandemic rules that he has alienated himself from three of his wives. In doing so, he created a massive amount of anger from several children, which came out in several episodes.

It started when he refused to take his daughter Ysabel to a scoliosis operation in New Jersey. Although she tried to reverse the curve, she was in constant, unbearable pain. Kody Brown didn’t spend much time at Christine Brown’s home, so she didn’t know how much her daughter was suffering. She asked him to postpone the operation because of the pandemic, but it was too terrible. Then she didn’t go with Ysabel, Christine Brown and her siblings because she felt it was too long a stay away. It broke Ysabel.

Gabriel and Garrison are his and Janelle’s two sons. They think their father’s approach to COVID is all wrong. He hasn’t had a chance to have a real conversation with them, considering them too social because they work and go to school.

Kody Brown told Janelle he would kick them out of his home to remove any threat they might pose, but she refused because her children come first. His marriages are broken, with the only one that seems to be working out being with Robyn. So what can we expect from season 17?

Sister Wives: What’s Next For The Series?

As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, it’s quite early that the series will be renewed. Rather, it’s early for the announcement to come out. Usually, a season ends and then weeks or months go by before “Sister Wives” is renewed. Yet the series is still on the air and the cast has confirmed its return. Kody Brown’s wives Meri and Robyn did a live video together. There they shared that they are currently filming the 17th season.

Of course, since Christine is back in Utah, there was a big question as to whether or not she would return. Her son Paedon confirmed on TikTok that they are filming as well.

Now, some viewers may be wondering how this could work and THG has a few theories, all of which are plausible. One is that Season 17 will actually be a continuation of what is currently airing. The series is a year behind, just in January 2021, so in theory they could split the season into two.

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