Sister Wives: Why Was Kody Brown So Surprised

Sister Wives: Why Was Kody Brown So Surprised

Sister Wives Christine Brown revealed that Kody Brown informed her that he no longer wanted an intimate marriage with her. Christine has been a faithful and dedicated wife to Kody for over 25 years.

However, Christine Brown admits to having jealousy issues, especially in recent years. What it comes down to is pretty much since Robyn Brown joined the family.

Christine Brown has been angry several times about Kody’s actions with Robyn even before their marriage. Kody criticized Christine for her Covid protocol. Kody tried to postpone their daughter’s spine surgery. Kody then decided that he did not want an intimate relationship with Christine because, in his eyes, she had betrayed him.

Christine Brown allegedly threatened to leave Kody several times, according to his other wives and older children. Kody Brown admitted that he was no longer physically attracted to Christine, but his declaration of non-intimacy was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Sister Wives: Why Was Kody Brown So Surprised

Sister Wives fans can’t help but wonder why Kody is so surprised by Christine’s actions. After all, hasn’t Christine been explaining for years what she wants out of her marriage? Does Kody really not understand why Christine is so unhappy?

The way Kody Brown has talked about both Christine and Janelle Brown, fans wonder if he isn’t trying to alienate all wives except Robyn so he can have a monogamous relationship. Kody made it clear that he is “in love” with Robyn. Kody knows that Robyn is the only wife who will blindly follow his rules no matter what.

Kody has already told Meri that he just wants to be friends. Kody’s latest attacks have been on Janelle who he calls the Teflon Queen. Janelle is also fed up with Kody and says it would be easy to leave. Should Kody have anticipated Christine’s reaction?

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