Sister Wives: Will Janelle Leave Kody Brown Next?

Sister Wives: Will Janelle Leave Kody Brown Next?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown wonders if she’s going to be lucky. In fact, she’s wondering so much that she took to her Instagram stories to get her followers’ thoughts on the question.

Her husband Kody confirmed that he and Janelle Brown don’t exactly have a romantic relationship. And, it sounded like they haven’t had a relationship like that in a long time. At the same time, it also sounded like he wondered if things would have been different on Janelle’s list of priorities if she had been more romantic and intimate with him.

Sister Wives: Will Janelle Leave Kody Brown Next?

Sister Wives fans are waiting and wondering if Janelle Brown will be the next to break out of her complicated family. Things got pretty heated with Janelle and Kody Brown recently when a man pressured her to kick their eldest son out of the house. Kody didn’t believe it was his job to make his adult son financially stable. And she believed she had more than done enough for her now grown-up child.

Janelle Brown, however, made it clear that she would never kick her son out of the house. When Kody Brown remarked that she felt like she was choosing their children over him, she didn’t hesitate to agree that this was 100 percent true. Janelle added that she would always put her children first.

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