Sister Wives: Will Things Finally Get Better?

Sister Wives: Will Things Finally Get Better?

TLC recently released a new teaser for the upcoming episode of Sister Wives. The teaser shows some shocking revelations from Janelle Brown.

Apparently, Janelle Brown is having second thoughts about her future with the plural family as they continue to suffer from the pandemic. It is well known that Kody Brown and his wives have not been on the same page since Covid-19 began. According to some, Kody’s poor planning has created a rift in the family. Now, fans are concerned that Janelle Brown may be the next wife to leave.

Sister Wives fans have seen how the pandemic has caused so many problems for the multi-family, especially when it comes to their visits. It has even got to the point where the women are starting to feel lonely and isolated. One of them is Meri Brown, who is also struggling in her relationship with Kody Brown.

Fans also felt sad about Janelle Brown’s current situation. Apparently, Janelle Brown has been showing off her frustration with Kody Brown because of his poor family planning. She even cursed at him and walked away during their recent episode, which shows how things are falling apart in the family.

Sister Wives: Will Things Finally Get Better?

The final episodes of Sister Wives’ 16th season showed the downfall of the plural family. However, it seems that the fighting is not over yet, as TLC hinted that the series will show the feud between Kody Brown and his sons Gabe and Garrison Brown.

Apparently, Gabe and Garrison are against Kody Brown’s strict social distancing rules. Kody, however, sticks to his own rules and this seems to create a big rift between him and his children. However, TLC also hinted that the family still hopes to be together for the holidays, which will be documented in future episodes.

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