The Evolution of Sister Wives – What to Expect in the Upcoming Seasons

The Evolution of Sister Wives - What to Expect in the Upcoming Seasons

We’re well aware of your insatiable appetite for the reality TV show featuring the polygamous Brown clan, and there’s so much to uncover about the forthcoming season. As Kody Brown currently has just one spouse and three former partners, the series is bound to be strikingly different from its 2010 debut. So, let’s delve into the speculation surrounding filming and discover how TLC intends to progress with the show.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s New Chapter

Our beloved Christine Brown left Kody in 2021 and embarked on an independent life. Season 17 saw Kody and Christine untangling their lives, but the cameras stopped rolling when she left Flagstaff.

Good news though! Christine took to Instagram a while back, revealing that the TLC camera crew was filming at her house in Utah for the first time. It seems like her divorce and journey towards a new love will be heavily featured in the new season. We’re excited to see Christine’s new chapter unfold on our screens!

Meri Brown’s Move to Parowan, Utah

Meri Brown, who announced her divorce from Kody in January, also left Arizona. As we reported before, Meri changed her business address and left her Flagstaff rental to set down roots in Parowan, Utah, where she owns a small bed and breakfast.

Guess what? Meri and Kody were spotted with a U-Haul in Parowan, and sources say a camera crew wasn’t too far behind. It’s largely assumed TLC filmed Meri’s move for Sister Wives. However, we’re not sure when that footage will appear on the show, as TLC tends to film far in advance. But rest assured, it’s bound to show up at some point!

The Network’s Plan for the Browns

With all the changes and moves, how does TLC plan to handle the Brown family’s dramatic dismantling? Well, the filming rumors hint that the network will film the family in their separate locations, focusing on the bonds that remain intact and those that were destroyed for good. It seems like we’ll get a unique perspective on each family member’s life as they navigate their new circumstances.

Spinoffs: Not Happening…Yet

Season 17 of Sister Wives was a rollercoaster of emotions, with Christine Brown’s divorce hooking viewers and turning her into a fan favorite. Many fans have been hoping for a spinoff featuring Christine and Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife who announced her separation during the season 17 tell-all episodes.

However, according to Chris Poole and Howard Lee in a recent interview with Variety, there are no plans for spinoffs at the moment. They believe that everything fans want to see from the Browns will be covered on Sister Wives. So, it looks like TLC is heavily committed to following the Browns on Sister Wives for the foreseeable future.

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