What Does The Future Hold For ‘Sister Wives’?

What Does The Future Hold For ‘Sister Wives’?

Christine Brown announced her departure from Kody Brown in November 2021. The announcement was long-awaited, as fans of Sister Wives will find out during the show’s 16th season. While she was still with Kody during filming, Christine was clearly over. Her renewed spunk will delight fans and may be what saves the entire Sister Wives franchise.

For years, there have been rumours that Sister Wives is being cut up. The rumours date back to 2011, when several media outlets claimed that Kody Brown agreed to a pay cut to ensure her family’s survival on television. To be honest, these rumours have never been confirmed. Nevertheless, the show has struggled with ratings problems in recent years.

According to The U.S. Sun, Sister Wives premiered its 15th season to just over 1 million viewers, a far cry from the premiere numbers of its 14th season. Last season was watched by over 2 million people. The drop came amid criticism from fans, who criticized Kody Brown for his unequal treatment of his wives.

While the ratings for season 16 have not yet been released, it is widely assumed that the news of the split, which was announced just weeks before the premiere, is likely to have boosted the season.

Many “Sister Wives” fans considered the 15th season a bit of a failure. The season was rather boring and gave viewers little to sink their teeth into. Fans also disliked the lack of a revealing episode. Initially, fans didn’t have high hopes for season 16, but the messier Christine Brown gets, the more they like what the show has to offer.

Christine Brown has questioned Kody’s devotion to her children. She’s questioned what exactly Robyn’s nanny does all day, and she’s shown up for every confessional interview where she’s seemingly completely over Kody and his extended family.

In the latest episode, the mother of six has put her foot down and let Kody know she’s ready to go. Christine’s renewed brashness may be what saves the series if it were in trouble at any point. At least the fans are cheering for Christine as she seems to gain more and more confidence with each episode.

What Does The Future Hold For ‘Sister Wives’?

Whether Christine’s new views will save the series remains to be seen. Based on some of the reviews, however, it sounds like the series will get at least one more season. Shortly after announcing the split, Christine asked fans in a Facebook post to refrain from asking questions about her divorce during live broadcasts. She explained that she could not answer those questions because it would be covered on the show.

As the current season of “Sister Wives” seems to take place in the summer and fall of 2020, it will be some time before the breakup will be covered. Fans largely assume that this means Season 17 has been given the green light. TLC, however, has yet to mention its plans. Some fans think Christine Brown could even star in a spinoff series, now that she’s going home to Utah. However, Christine hasn’t discussed the possibility publicly.

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