What Is My 600-lb Life Star Susan Farmer Doing Today?

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Susan Farmer Doing Today?

Almost ten years have passed since the first My 600-lb Life episode. Many individuals have shared their journeys, with varied outcomes. Susan Farmer’s appearance in season three left viewers hopeful.

At the beginning of the episode, Susan’s weight had reached a very dangerous level. She weighed over 600 kilos and was having difficulty doing basic chores. She wasn’t the heaviest person on the show. But, something about Susan drew a big audience.

After years of struggling to lose weight, Susan knew exactly what she needed to do. She decided her only option was to turn to renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Now. Unlike most of the people on the show, Susan seemed to embrace Dr. Now’s weight loss program almost immediately. By the end of the episode, she managed to lose enough weight to qualify for weight loss surgery.

If you’ve been wondering how things have been going for Farmer since she joined the show, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out what has happened to Susan since her episode of My 600-lb Life.

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Susan Farmer Doing Today?

Since she has been on the show, fans will be pleased to know that Susan has lost over 400 pounds. However, Susan has not only lost weight, she is committed to keeping it off.

After her weight-loss surgery, Susan also underwent a skin-removal procedure to help her feel more comfortable. At her new weight, Susan Farmer is able to enjoy life in ways she could only imagine before. Her mental and physical health has improved dramatically. She can now think about the future and not worry about not being able to do the things she wants to do.

Now that she is at a healthier weight, Susan is able to be more active and enjoy the simple things in life, like getting up and walking around the house, without getting tired. Most of all, Susan was happy to be able to wear jeans again, something she hadn’t done since high school.

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