My 600-lb Life: Nathan Prater and Amber Prater’s Story

My 600-lb Life: Nathan Prater and Amber Prater’s Story

My 600-lb Life season 10 premieres tonight. And as we’ve already announced, those with Discovery+ can already watch it.

Today’s episode My 600-Lb. Life introduces us to Nathan Prater and Amber Prater. The episode was originally titled “Nathan’s Story”. And it was supposed to be his weight loss journey.

But Dr. Now realized that his wife Amber Prater is also overweight. Dr. Now speculated that if Amber didn’t join Nathan Prater on his weight-loss journey, she would simply make his success more difficult. The TLC doctor suspected that the two of them would allow each other to continue making poor choices.

For now, Nathan Prater is making a fantastic drop from 607 pounds to 535 pounds. His wife Amber Prater, however, is not having the same success. In fact, she even gains a few kilos. Amber Prater stressed that she panicked, stayed in bed and made bad food choices. Amber confirms that she has been through the weight loss process before and has been successful in the past. In fact, she seems to blame her husband Nathan for her weight gain.

Amber Prater tells Dr. Now that if she hadn’t been meal planning and choosing where to eat based on her husband’s wants and needs, she would never have gained so much weight.

Speaking to the camera, Dr. Now believes Amber Prater is more to blame for the weight program than she or her husband realize. This has been proven, as Amber seems to struggle with dropping the pounds more than her husband.

The end of My 600-Lb. Life Season 10 leaves fans with many more questions than answers. Nathan Prater successfully gets his surgery. Though it seems he struggles with dietary restrictions almost immediately after. Amber gets approved for weight loss surgery, though Dr. Now has to change his plans slightly when he realizes that changing her previous surgery is out of the question.

The episode ends with Nathan Prater continuing to take small steps towards his weight loss goals. Amber finally seems to be getting involved. Even though she had to lose 25 pounds in two months to get the surgery from Dr. Now.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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