Counting On: Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Recorded Their Sons Fishing

Counting On: Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Recorded Their Sons Fishing

Anyone who knows the Duggars certainly knows everything about Derick Dillard. Jill Duggar and Derick have been married since 2014 and now have two children together. While they were once featured on Counting On, Derick Dillard’s disgusting Twitter activity has had them both removed from the show. And now, Derick is divulging even more secrets and revealing a family rift between Jill and her father.

Derick is certainly one of the most outspoken in the family. And now, in a video Jill put together with him and his kids while fishing, we see a little bit about his childhood. Here’s what we saw from Jill’s look into Derick Dillard’s past.

Counting On: Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Recorded Their Sons Fishing

Jill and Derick are taking social estrangement seriously, so they’re not getting close to friends or family. Instead, they decided to take a trip of their own – and took their children, Samuel and Israel, fishing for the first time.

We are preparing to leave our home. We are still practicing social estrangement. The boys begged to go fishing,” Jill Duggar explained to the camera. I doubt we’ll catch anything today. It’s more for the fun of leaving the house, but we’re still practicing social estrangement.

Israel, the couple’s five-year-old son, was jumping up and down in the kitchen in excitement. And Jill also said they’re going fishing in a lake near where Derick Dillard grew up. “We’re gonna stop at Derick’s mother’s house. He grew up on the lake and stuff, so we won’t get too close to her, but we’ll get some stuff from her.”

Counting On: They Briefly Got to See Derick Dillard’s Mother, Cathy Dillard

The social distance means that Jill, Derick and the kids can’t get too close to Derick’s mom, but they stopped by his house before they went fishing. Israel and Samuel ate their lunch at the picnic at least five feet away from each other and Cathy Dillard. And Cathy sat in a chair and waved at the camera.

We know Jill has a good relationship with Cathy. While the Duggars always have big party parties, Jill often posts photos and videos that show she’s actually with her in-laws instead of the other Duggars. And she also posted a lot of pictures of Cathy with Israel and Samuel on her Instagram to show how much her grandmother enjoys being involved in her grandchildren’s lives.

Cathy Dillard is no stranger to media attention either. In Touch Weekly she reminds us that she had stage four non-Hodgkins lymphoma and has since written a book about her experience. She is now presumably cancer-free and can be much more involved in her family’s life.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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