Counting On: Does Jessa Have Grey Hair?

Counting On: Does Jessa Have Grey Hair?

Jessa Duggar shocked some Counting On fans when she shared a picture of him with her middle son, Henry. The photo seemed to give followers a taste of what an aging Jessa can look like.

While holding her sleeping son in her arms, Jessa stole a few moments with him before putting him in her bed. She took a selfie to remember the moments as fleeting, and with that, she took a few followers by surprise.

Counting On: Does Jessa Have Grey Hair?

The latest Instagram photo has the Counting On beauty that looks older than it really is. With the sun touching her, Jessa Duggar looks as if her brunette locks have turned grey.

At just 27, Jessa still has her whole life ahead of her. Duggar’s geniuses have been generous with her and her brothers. With Jim Bob and Michelle seeming to retain their youthful appearance, she probably won’t have to worry about aging before her time.

One commentator noticed the way the sun hit Jessa Duggar’s hair and revealed that it gave her the impression of turning grey. Another sounded in revealing that the shadow was probably due to bleached and toned hair, which makes perfect sense. Jessa had her hair done, so this may have played a role in the way the light was reflected.

On Counting On, she and Ben Seewald are in front and in the middle. Future episodes will show him that he has an eye laser correction to improve his vision. It’s something that seems to make Jessa nervous.

Also, Duggar’s Christmas pageant will be shown. Jessa’s children will be an important part of it, while Jim Bob Duggar, ironically, has taken on the role of a donkey. Previews of the upcoming episodes seem to have a lot in store for Counting On fans.

Recently, it has been speculated that Jessa Dugar may be expecting her fourth child. But that’s not true, because she revealed that the “bump” that Counting On fans were talking about was only because of the tacos she liked.

As the new season of Counting On moves downward, Jessa has done her best to keep followers up to date with her life. She talked a lot about what she and Ben Seewald did during the quarantine, much of which was described in the special that aired on TLC.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. After living a hard and fast life, now at 65 with no family and no friends, I wish to God I had had a family upbringing anywhere close to the Duggers. I had no religion and no mentoring and no parents to confide in or look up to. Please don’t judge this family as your still growing, learning and experiencing life as you know it. I have little enjoyment in my life but I can say I am respectful of people/ always at a safe distance though. I love watching the show and maybe even pretend I was that lucky when watching.

  2. Love the Duggars my spirit feels bonded with them because I too am a Christian who loves Jesus and His Word. I encourage you to give your heart to Jesus and share His love with others. You will truly be blessed as you begin your journey of eternal life. God bless this beautiful family and their godly parents!

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