Counting On: Duggar Fans Wonder Where Joy-Anna Duggar’s Wedding Band Is

Counting On: Duggar Fans Wonder Where Joy-Anna Duggar’s Wedding Band Is

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth look like they have a very happy marriage. The couple recently welcomed a baby girl into the world, and they keep their fans informed about their family through their Instagrams and YouTube account.

It seems that some eagle-eyed fans noticed Joy-Anna doesn’t seem to wear wedding band here in a few recent pictures. Here is how Joy-Anna reacted. The Duggars are known for short courtship and engagements because they believe in “dating for a purpose” rather than dating around. And that was the case for Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth.

The two courted four short months in 2016 after getting Jim Bob Duggar’s OR prior to their engagement, according to Romper. And they married in May 2017, which was just six months after their courtship began and two months after Austin fell to one knee. In February 2018, the young newlyweds had their first child, Gideon.

Many believe that Austin and Joy-Anna Duggar were rushed into marriage due to outside pressure. While the Duggars are used to getting married quickly, Austin also came from a strictly Christian family with the same values. Austin’s family was so strict, in fact, that they appeared on a reality TV show that showed everything about rigid parenthood. But Austin and Joy-Anna seem to be happy, despite what outsiders think.

Counting On: Duggar Fans Wonder Where Joy-Anna Duggar’s Wedding Band Is

On October 24th Joy-Anna Duggar posted some sweet pictures she made together with Austin. And she added a quote from her mother-in-law to the caption of the Instagram post. “He just needs a companion. Austin’s mother told me this when we were dating; it’s so true,” Joy-Anna noted the post. “He just wants someone with him and I love this about him! I can be your companion every day, sweetheart.”

Many fans responded positively to the photos because they think the couple look happier than ever. Unfortunately, a few others wondered where Joy-Anna’s wedding ring was going.

“So, do you just get an engagement ring in this belief?” A fan commented. “I didn’t see any connection with her ring.” “No, my fingers were swollen during pregnancy and I haven’t put my wedding band back on,” Joy-Anna said. And she certainly had others in her corner. “It was YEARS before I could wear my wedding rings again!” Another fan commented in support.

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  1. She just had a baby a few weeks ago and maybe it doesn’t fit right now give the girl a break…. leave it off until it fits comfortable because having to have a ring cut off isn’t fun especially a ring with the sentamental value of a wedding set… plus isn’t it the commitment that’s important not the ring, that’s just the symbol…

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