Counting On: Fans Admire Jessa Duggar’s Parenting Style

Counting On: Fans Admire Jessa Duggar’s Parenting Style

In a new social media post, Jessa Duggar shared that she let her two children play in the mud. She posted a nice picture of Spurgeon, 4 years old, and Henry, 3 years old, covered in mud outside. Duggar fans praise her for her carefree parenting style.

In the new post, Jessa Duggar shares a photo and video of her two children. The kids are standing next to each other and Jessa Seewald says they’re best friends. In the video, the boys use cups and branches in the mud. Spurgeon has a great idea for playing “baseball” in the mud. Henry throws a little mud Spurgeon style, and Spurgeon hits him with a branch. The guys are pretty creative and seem to be having fun.

In the comments section of the post, Jessa reveals how she cleans up the boys after playing in the mud. A fan asks if Jessa Seewald had to hose them down. Then, Jessa says: “More or less! She didn’t want them to catch cold, though, so @ben_seewald filled a watering can with hot water and let them shower with it outside before going in to take a bath.

On his Instagram account, Jessa Seewald’s husband, Ben Seewald, shared a video of the kids rinsing outside. He reveals that the boys spent two hours in the mud.

Counting On: Fans Admire Jessa Duggar’s Parenting Style

In the comments section, Jessa’s followers praise her for the way she raised her children. They think it’s great that she lets them play in the mud, no matter how messy they get.

One follower says, “dirt washes away, memories don’t.” Perfect parents.” Another says, “I’m so happy to see that in 2020, children are still having fun with the simple things in life. Some of the best times I had as a child were after the rain and playing in the mud”. Jessa’s sister, Jana Duggar, also commented, calling the post “the greatest”.

This is not the first time Jessa has been recognized as a parent. Duggars fans think she’s doing a great job raising her kids. And, thanks to a recent YouTube video, fans are learning more about how Michelle Duggar raised her children.

In the video, Jessa Duggar talks about her mother and highlights some of the parenting strategies she used. So, thanks to the new video, fans are also loving Michelle’s style as a parent. Some of them are even trying out techniques with their kids.

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