Counting On: Fans Give Jeremy Vuolo a Hard Time for Leaving Jinger

Counting On: Fans Give Jeremy Vuolo a Hard Time for Leaving Jinger

Jeremy Vuolo of Counting On isn’t exactly good at golf – but he loves playing it. Fans didn’t like it when he went to play a game not too long ago and left divets on the ground. And now it looks like he’s lost his ball.

Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo said he spent a lot of time looking for golf balls in the woods. Some fans joked that he probably spent more time in the woods than playing. And Jeremy has said nothing to suggest otherwise. Jeremy has two young children at home, so Counting On viewers think he’s happy to get out of the house for a while. Golf is one of the few things that doesn’t get shut down during lockdown. But there are some people who don’t take kindly to Jeremy’s many outings, especially now that he has two young children.

Counting On: Fans Give Jeremy Vuolo a Hard Time for Leaving Jinger

Jinger is Jeremy ‘s queen, but some Counting On viewers don’t think he always treats her as such. One fan said, “I’m hoping Jinger had an equally relaxing and enjoyable time at hope with two children and all that entails.” But others responded by saying that Jinger has plenty of free time to do whatever he wants.

Counting On fans fought over whether Jeremy and Jinger had an equal part in parenting. But most people said life doesn’t – and shouldn’t – stop when you have kids. Many said they’re glad Jeremy is still doing things they enjoy.

Jinger Duggar expressed no complaints about Jeremy leaving her at home with the kids. And many people think Counting On fans should just watch and enjoy themselves. Others think half the fun is critiquing their relationships and seeing how things go.

Jinger recently wished everyone a happy day and seemed happy herself. Despite fans giving Jeremy a hard time, Jinger Duggar seems to have a full life. Doctors also recently cleared her to start working outside again so she can use her home gym. Counting On fans have said that Jeremy does a good job as a father and taking care of the kids so Jinger can take care of herself. Viewers encouraged her to work on her fitness even though she said she doesn’t always feel motivated. Jinger said she loves Jeremy more and more every day.

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