Counting On Fans Think Jeremy Vuolo’s Conceited

Counting On Fans Think Jeremy Vuolo’s Conceited

Recently, Duggar fans have had a lot to say about Jeremy Vuolo. Jeremy is Jinger Vuolo’s husband, and he’s also the father of little Felicity one year old. While some Counting On fans seem to love Jeremy, others have serious problems with him. Why don’t some fans of the family like Jeremy?

On some of Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo’s Instagram posts, their followers comment and say that the couple use Felicity as a prop. In Jeremy’s most recent post, one of his followers writes: “Another propshot with your props? It seems that this fan refers to both Jinger and Felicity as Jeremy’s “props”. Basically, when users refer to Felicity as a “prop”, they mean that he is using Felicity in his photos.

On social media, both Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo share a lot of photos with Felicity. In other sections of the comments, both fans and critics refer to her as their “prop. They feel the Duggar couple are using their daughter to make their photos prettier or to get fans’ attention.

Counting On Fans Think Jeremy Vuolo’s Conceited

On that same recent post, fans say Jeremy is presenting himself as an egomaniac. One follower commented, “Every photo you post is just to make you look good. You can’t even see Jinger’s face anymore. 🙄” Someone said, “Yes, he should always be the center of attention.” And another follower said, “I agree.” Full of himself.”

There are other followers who are sharing similar thoughts about the new post. Jeremy Vuolo hasn’t responded to these statements, and it doesn’t seem likely he will. Usually, he and Jinger avoid responding to negative comments they receive.

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