Counting On: Fans Think Jinger Duggar’s Happier Now

Counting On: Fans Think Jinger Duggar’s Happier Now

There are several ways Jinger is not like her parents and most of the rest of her family. Keep in mind that these things are not a big deal to most people. But, in the Duggar family, things are done differently. So, as she changes, he moves away from what she once knew. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuola lived in Laredo, Texas, after the wedding. They now live in Los Angeles, California. Since they got there, they’ve been checking out the shops and restaurants in the area. They went out and explored regularly, and they’re sure to document it on social media.

Also, Jinger wears pants instead of dresses or skirts. She also wore tank tops and other clothes that her family might not consider modest. She also has a pair of ear piercings.

Jinger and Jeremy allow their almost two-year-old daughter Felicity to dance. That’s something the Duggar family doesn’t allow. Jinger and Jeremy also have a TV, and they recently updated their followers on their latest Netflix favorites.

One source claims that Jinger and Jeremy ordered liquor from a restaurant in Los Angeles. There’s no evidence of this, but it’s possible they’re drinking, which is another no-no for the Duggar family.

At this point, Jinger and Jeremy only have one son. She’s gonna have two in July, and we don’t know anything about another Vuolo baby. Two years or more between one child and another is a reasonable age gap for many families, but many of the older Duggars have children more often. So, this is leading some fans to believe that Jinger and Jeremy want a smaller family.

As I said, none of this is shocking to most people. A lot of the things Jinger Duggar does are things that everybody does. But, because of the Duggar family values, this is a bigger problem.

Counting On: Fans Think Jinger Duggar’s Happier Now

In the recent video Jinger shared on Instagram, fans think she looks happier. They think you look more like yourself and more comfortable. She’s getting a lot of love and encouragement in response to the video. After all, it must be hard for her to move away from her parents’ lifestyle. As she understands things on her own, she may even get a kickback for “rebelling” against her parents. But luckily, in the comments section of the new post, things are mostly positive.

A Duggar fan wrote: “Jinger has become her person! How nice to see! Obviously a husband who supports her!” Other comments are similar. It seems like fans are happy to see Jinger grow and change.

Written by Sarah Milner

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  1. I like that the girls and boys.can live there own life’s. Good for them exploring life , the only thing I see it seems like they only can do it after marriage. Just saying…..

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