Counting On: Is Jana Duggar Courting?

Counting On: Is Jana Duggar Courting?

Counting On star Jana Duggar wants to set the record straight about her rumored engagement to Stephen Wissmann. For months it’s been rumored that Duggar’s oldest daughter is courting Stephen, and there have been hints that they’re already planning a wedding.

Jana Duggar even freshened up her hair this week, which may have been done in preparation for her wedding.

But the Duggars are keeping quiet. The last couple of relationships in the family have flown under the radar. While there were rumors of Jedidiah Duggar marrying Katey Nakatsu, the Duggars have not confirmed the relationship or engagement. They only shared a post after the couple tied the knot. Now, a new photo has been posted, and it seems to put to rest some of the rumors about Jana’s relationship status. This could mean that she is not actually engaged to Stephen.

On the Instagram stories of Jana’s friend Laura DeMasie, there is a photo of Jana at the airport. The two women are currently in Las Vegas to attend a market together.

Surprisingly, in the photo, Jana’s left hand is totally visible. And she is clearly not wearing a ring in the photo. This could mean that Jana is not actually engaged to Stephen, despite all the rumors that she is. They could be courting and not yet engaged.

There are many reasons why Jana Duggar could still be engaged and simply not wearing her ring. She may have left it at home while traveling so as not to lose or damage it. It is also possible that she is not wearing it in the photos because she is not yet ready to announce her engagement. So, she might have taken it off just for the photo. Counting On fans are hoping to find out soon if Jana is in a relationship with Stephen and if they will get married soon. It seems possible that they could get married this fall, as several signs point towards a fall wedding. But we won’t know for sure until it’s confirmed by the Duggar family themselves.

In the meantime, fans are keeping an eye out for more hints of Jana’s rumored relationship. They’re hoping the eldest Duggar daughter will find love soon.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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