Counting On: Is Jana Duggar Traveling Without a Chaperone?

Counting On: Is Jana Duggar Traveling Without a Chaperone?

Duggar fans are wondering if Jana Duggar recently enjoyed a trip without a chaperone. Unfortunately, Counting On star Jana Duggar doesn’t usually get as much media attention as her siblings. And, even when she does, it’s usually not very positive.

Counting On: Is Jana Duggar Traveling Without a Chaperone?

Relying on fans, Jana Duggar is a staggering member of the family. Traditionally, Duggars are barely legal when they get married. And they tend to start having children when they reach legal drinking age. But not Jana.

Jana Duggar just turned 30 recently. She still lives at home. She’s had a few failed courtships. And she’s never been ashamed to enjoy life as it is. Jana Duggar is waiting for the right guy to come along. She doesn’t just want to marry the closest available bachelor. She’s waiting to be swept away by love.

Now, is there any speculation among the fans that Jana Duggar is not into men. The theory is that she was actually in love with her friend Laura DeMasie. Specifically, she wasn’t even allowed to go on a trip with her friend Laura without a chaperone. Also, there were rumors that Jim Bob had pushed Laura away because he was worried about how close they’d become.

However, the Duggar rule is that the children remain under Jim Bob and Michelle’s family until their marriage. At 30, Jana Duggar still lives with her parents. She is even believed to still share a room with her younger brothers. But, she often insists on social media: she’s happy. Happy to be single. And happy to live at home.

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Who else loves fresh coconut?? 🥥 #summer

Jana Duggar (@janamduggar)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Now, Jana Duggar occasionally leaves the house. But one of the many rules is to have a chaperone when you go somewhere. Knowing this rule, fans have found her latest activity on Instagram a little disconcerting. Did she get away from her parents to enjoy some time for herself? The fans were certainly excited about how happy she was in her last photo!

Jana Duggar shared a picture of her holding a freshly broken coconut. She had a smile on her face as she stood in front of a ground pool. Was she at someone’s house? Was she at some kind of resort? The fans weren’t very sure.

Also, the fans noticed that Jana Duggar was wearing something unusual They noticed she rolled up her shirt sleeves. That made her look like she was rocking a sleeveless top. Which, as those who follow the family know, shows too much skin to be considered “modest”.

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  1. I have been watching the Duggars since the beginning when the show first aired. I think that Jana is the prettiest of all the girls. At 30 years old, she should be able to live her life the way she wants. To me, she seems to be the Cinderella of the family. She is seen occasionally. Sewing clothes not just for herself but, for the rest of the family. She is also seen taking care of the younger sibling and is probably a full time baby sitter to them.
    It’s almost living in a cult life style but, that’s my opinion.
    What she needs to do is move out of Mom & Dad’s home and go out and live her life the way she wants. I don’t know if she is kept at home by her parents or it’s her choice. But, if I was younger and unattached I would be a suitor in pursuit of her.

  2. Oliver, it’s interesting you say she should be able to live her life the way she wants then go on to say what she “needs” to do with her life. Let her live her life.

  3. How can 30 years of such controlled environment give ANYONE an opportunity to discover what they want?
    Oliver knows she certainly NEEDS to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

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