Counting On: Is Jill Duggar being shunned by her family?

Counting On: Is Jill Duggar being shunned by her family?

Jinger Duggar is back in Arkansas and spends quality time with her family. The 26-year-old planned a “last minute” trip to her home state with her daughter, she revealed in an Instagram story on February 27. Her husband Jeremy Vuolo stayed behind in California.

The Counting On Star didn’t share what caused her trip. But she wasted no time getting together with all her brothers and sisters and their children. Jinger and some of the other Duggar women posted about their recent “women’s breakfast” on social media. But one face was missing from the crowd.

Counting On: Where’s Jill?

Jinger Duggar, together with her sisters Jana, Jessa, and Joy and sister-in-law Lauren, all posted about getting together for breakfast. It seems Mommy Michelle Duggar, along with the younger, unmarried Duggar girls, were also there. But there was one remarkable person who didn’t seem to be there: Jill Duggar.

In the photos and videos shared on Instagram, Jill is nowhere to be found. That’s a bit odd, considering the fact that it looks like all of her sisters and at least one of her sisters-in-law were in the restaurant.

The fans have long speculated about Jill’s relationship with her family. She hasn’t appeared on the family’s TLC reality show for years and her husband Derick Dillard has said that he and his wife are not welcome in his in-laws’ home without her father’s permission.

Counting On: Is Jill Duggar being shunned by her family?

At first glance, Jill’s absence from the girls’ meeting looks pretty bad, especially considering what Derick Dillard implied about a tense relationship between her and her parents. But the status of her relationship with her siblings is less clear.

While Jill Duggar rarely posts in public about spending time with her siblings or parents, she and her sisters communicate on Instagram, occasionally they love and comment on each other’s messages. Although she did not spend Christmas with her family, she did attend Lauren’s baby shower in September. And she attended when Jessa gave birth to her daughter Ivy Jane in May 2019.

Counting On: She Wasn’t The Only Person Missing

It’s also worth mentioning that Jill’s sisters-in-law Abbie and Kendra didn’t turn out to be at the ladies’ breakfast either, so she wasn’t the only Duggar woman who wasn’t present. It’s possible she was invited and just couldn’t make it. And in a recent Instagram post, Derick Dillard told a fan that he and Jill are trying to see her family “as much as possible”, so it doesn’t sound like she’s completely estranged from her family.

Another possibility is that the event was filmed for a future season of Counting On. Since Jill is no longer on the show, that would explain why she wasn’t there.

As for the reason, Jinger’s unexpected trip to Arkansas, we’ll have to wait and see. Some have speculated that the mother of one of them may soon announce that she is pregnant, while others are probably hoping that a courtship for Jana is imminent.

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