Counting On: Jeremy Calls Jinger His Queen

Counting On: Jeremy Calls Jinger His Queen

Jeremy Vuolo from Counting On said he loves being a father. His daughter, Felicity Vuolo, is only two years old. And he said he had to get her ready for her sister.

Jinger Duggar also said Felicity had to learn about having a sister. In fact, she said she should learn how to share. Counting On viewers said it would be great to see the two little ones together.

Jeremy from Counting On said their baby, Evangeline Jo Vuolo, arrived safely. And they were happy to have some family there to help them in the first few days. After a while, the little family became normal again.

Counting On: Jeremy Calls Jinger His Queen

Counting on star Jeremy Vuolo said he drove around “The Queen” and the children. And the viewers laughed that he was either a driver or an Uber driver. It seems the kids both like to wander around.

Fans of Counting On said the couple seem to have a bit of a fever. And they gave Jeremy kudos for his creativity to get his family out of the house safely. TLC guards said it was sweet that Jeremy Jinger Duggar called his queen.

Jeremy Vuolo and wife Jinger Duggar said they are enjoying these early days with their new daughter. And the fans said to enjoy it all because the days fly by so fast. Counting On celeb Jeremy is doing his best to make Jinger feel special, and the fans think this was a good way.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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