Counting On: Jessa Duggar Posted a 52 Minute Ode To Her Father

Counting On: Jessa Duggar Posted a 52 Minute Ode To Her Father

Jessa Duggar shared with her father, Jim Bob Duggar, a YouTube video with her favorite childhood memories.

Shortly after sharing it, several of her sisters came to share their feelings about their parents.

Some Counting On fans were confused and surprised by the graphics Jessa Duggar used to promote the video. Many wondered if the Patriarch of Duggar had passed. Fortunately, Jim Bob Duggar is alive and well in Arkansas.

During this quarantine period, Jessa revealed that she misses her family. She is at home with her small family of five, not seeing her mother, father and extended family.

Jessa wanted to share some of her childhood memories that revolved around her father. The star of Counting On wrote a corny post to accompany the graphics and link to her video.

Jessa Duggar said, in part, “As I am raising my children now, I look back on my growing years and I am so thankful to God for the parents that He has blessed me. This is the fruit of those reflections”. Several sisters of Jessa came forward to comment on the chart and talk about how great Jim Bob Duggar is. Jana Duggar gushed about him and Joy-Anna Duggar came in and said, “What a great idea! All right, I’m so grateful to have them as parents!

Counting On: Why Did Jessa Make The Video?

It is speculated that Jessa Duggar may have made the video to make sure she was in Jim Bob’s good graces.

A lot has happened to him and Derick Dillard in the last few months. The fact that Jessa talked may have something to do with her loyalty to her father and family, taking a stand against the things that have been said about her father. Jill Duggar didn’t show up to comment on her post.

Jana and Joy-Anna Duggar were right behind her sister, and even Anna Duggar took the time to comment and praise Jim Bob Duggar. That’s nothing new, though. She’s always been loyal to Josh Duggar’s parents.

Despite some unrest in the family, Jessa has proven that she is still a member of the Duggar team.

Jim Bob Duggar is her daddy, and she revealed that the second part would come with her favorite memories of her mother, Michelle Duggar.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Really? There’s nothing more to think about or read about than Jessa Duggar praising her parents? Leave this family alone and let them be happy. There’s no ulterior motive in saying you love your parents! Always looking to stir the pot…

    The country is in a pandemic… maybe she just misses her family, for Goodness sake!!!

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