Counting On: Jill Says She Has LGBTQ Friends But Doesn’t Agree With Their ‘lifestyle’

Counting On: Jill Says She Has LGBTQ Friends But Doesn't Agree With Their 'lifestyle'

Jill Duggar may have distanced herself from the notorious conservative Duggar family, but that doesn’t mean she has completely given up all their beliefs. Jill Duggar opened up about breaking away from the Duggar family in a YouTube video with her husband, Derrick Dillard.

In many ways, Jill Duggar is a bit of a rebel, and has been given a nose ring, wears pants, uses non-hormonal birth control, and has even admitted to having an occasional alcoholic drink – all banned by the Duggar family rules.

However, Jill Duggar is still quite conservative, as she made very clear in a recent interview with People. When asked by the outlet how she and Derick would react if one of their children came out as gay or transgender, Jill Duggar shared what she and Derick think of the LGBTQ+ community. “As far as our views on the LGBTQ+ community are concerned, we hold on to our belief that that lifestyle is not overlooked, and we believe it is a sin,” said the former Counting On star (via Ashley’s Reality Roundup).

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Counting On: Jill Says She Has LGBTQ Friends But Doesn’t Agree With Their ‘lifestyle’

Jill Duggar went on to say that she and Derick have LGBTQ friends. “Just because we disagree with someone or their lifestyle doesn’t mean we can’t be friends,” she said.

Jill Duggar implied that if one of her children came out, they wouldn’t be able to express themselves freely at home. “Of course, we would love our children just as much, but we can’t approve of their lifestyle,” she said. “But if they’re adults and not under our roof, they can make their own decisions.

When asked what she and Derick would do if one of their children came home, Jill Duggar refused to give a clear answer. “We realize that change is usually difficult, and we wouldn’t expect a changing relationship with our children to be easier, but we hope that we would both be able to acknowledge that and still love each other,” she said.

Written by Christine Cohan

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