Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar’s Daughters Are Changing Their Ways

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar’s Daughters Are Changing Their Ways

Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar has made headlines following her return to social media after a month of absence. Apparently, fans thought Joy-Anna was avoiding social media because of a pregnancy.

Now, Joy-Anna Duggar has finally revealed that she and her family have been doing a lot of outdoor activities during their online absence. She also shared photos of their past activities and said they’ve been working on a project. Meanwhile, fans think Joy-Anna has finally joined the club of showing her knees with some of her rebellious sisters.

Counting On fans from Reddit have made a discussion about how Joy-Anna Duggar seems to have joined the knee-showing club.

Apparently, the Duggars follow strict rules about modesty. Duggar girls are not allowed to wear shorts or even skirts that come above the knee. “What will Daddy Duggar have to say. Looks like Joy has officially joined the shorts, scandalous knee showing club,” said one fan. Others also agree and think Jim Bob no longer has control over his daughters. “The ‘control’ shifts from the father to the husband and he can approve of her attire. Which I guess explains Jinger’s previous fashion choices of bleached blonde,” added another fan.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar’s Daughters Are Changing Their Ways

Counting On fans are starting to believe that Jim Bob Duggar’s daughters are finally changing their ways. Apparently, fans have seen how some of the Duggar girls have started wearing shorts and even pants over the years. Jinger Duggar even said in her latest book that she hasn’t found any answers in the Bible that prohibits women from wearing pants.

Meanwhile, Jill Duggar, who is often dubbed Jim Bob’s rebellious daughter, has been neglecting conservative family rules. One of them is getting her nose pierced and cutting her hair short.

Jill also said in a recent social media post of her own that she is considering dreadlocks as her next haircut. Meanwhile, Jessa Duggar is often seen wearing pants during her outdoor activities. She also had a hospital birth instead of the traditional Duggar home birth.

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