Counting On: Road Trip Tips from Jessa

Counting On: Road Trip Tips from Jessa

Counting On’s Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald braved their first long journey with Spurgeon, Henry and Ivy. They went from their home in Arkansas all the way to Kansas City to meet their friends and go to the zoo.

Counting On: Road Trip Tips from Jessa

There are many reasons why Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben of Counting On may have chosen not to participate in this trip. A long trip with only one child is hard enough, but when you add two more to the mix, it’s interesting to say the least. But if you’re used to having as many children in tow as the Duggar family had, it may not seem like as much.

Jessa Duggar said her mom always had a street survival kit. She used to pack everything from aspirin to various toys. She said there was always the possibility of an explosion, so the extra clothes are always in the kit.

One of Jessa Duggar’s hacks from the Counting On TV series to make sure children are clean when they arrive is by not dressing them up. The children stay in their pajamas for about ten minutes before they arrive where they are going. And then they stop, change the kids and make sure everyone looks good.

Ben Seewald from the Counting On show and Jessa Duggar’s son, Spurgeon, says he likes long drives. In fact, he said he likes to sing and snack. Looks like Jessa Duggar’s strategies are working well.

After traveling for a while, Jessa Duggar pulled out one of the packaged toys. Jessa from Counting On airing Tuesday night at 8pm on TLC had wrapped up some of their toys so they could open them on the trip. Spurgeon thought it was pretty interesting, but Henry didn’t.

The ride seemed to have gone well. Ben Seewald and the family had fun singing and the kids enjoyed the snacks and toys. And when they got there, they were very happy to see their friends.

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