Joy-Anna Forsyth Slammed By Counting On Fans

Joy-Anna Forsyth Slammed By Counting On Fans

Counting On fans loved Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth before she started having children with her husband Austin. Of all Duggar’s daughters, she behaved like the most tomboyish young teenager.

Now that she has children, however, she is criticised for not being vigilant. Sometimes TLC fans don’t understand how she potentially endangers her children.

After Joy-Anna Forsyth adopted little Gideon, she lost another child. Grief-stricken, she had to give birth to another small foetus and they mourned her with sadness.

Later came the news that she was expecting another child. Her rainbow baby Evelyn is now just over 1 birthday. TLC fans agreed that her name is nice. Evelyn Mae Forsyth arrived in one piece and for a while fans found little reason to criticize her. Now that the baby is older, however, fans slam her regularly.

In October of this year, fans thought Joy-Anna Duggar was hinting at another baby on the way. Naturally, Counting On fans expect more children to come. After all, the Duggar family is famous for raising as many children as possible.

Critics, however, think he should just quit now because they fear his parenting decisions could endanger the children. This is not the first time she has been lambasted as a neglectful mother.

Joy-Anna Forsyth Slammed By Counting On Fans

This weekend, Redditors set their eyes on Joy-Anna Duggar. It came after she took to her Instagram and showed a photo of children eating food. The kids look really cute and they were sitting eating pizza together. In fact, the slices looked huge for small children.

The fans didn’t mind that they were eating, but worried that either of the children could easily choke on the food. At the very least, he could have cut the pizza into more manageable slices, the fans thought.

One Redditor thought the food posed a real danger because the slices were too big. At least for little Evelyn. One Counting On critic described it as utterly “ridiculous”. Another reviewer thought that she could have just chopped the food up as it looked very “dangerous”.

Others criticised the large amount of pizza slices, as small children could barely fit everything in. However, one commentator wrote briefly:

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