Counting On: Is Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnant?

Counting On: Is Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnant?

After losing her second child in June 2019, Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed Evelyn Mae Forsyth in August 2020. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth learned that the baby girl they were carrying in 2019 no longer had a heartbeat when they went in for their 20-week ultrasound. It was a tragic moment for the family, but their rainbow baby girl was born just over a year later.

When Joy-Anna Duggar shared a “photo dump” on Instagram of her time in Pennsylvania, a few photos caught the attention of fans. In particular, photos of her posing with Austin and hiding her midsection.

She seemed to be hiding a possible baby bump, and a fan revealed that they were anticipating a baby announcement soon. Joy-Anna Duggar did not respond to the speculation, but it has been making the rounds on social media all weekend.

Last week, Joy-Anna shared that she and Austin Forsyth left for Nathan Bates’ wedding without the kids. She shared the news while waiting at the airport for an early morning flight from Arkansas to Pennsylvania. They were not the only members of the Duggar family to attend Nathan and Ester’s wedding. John-David Duggar was a groomsman, and Abbie Grace Burnett and Gracie were also in attendance for the celebration. And since Joy-Anna didn’t bring Evelyn, Gracie was able to stay with her best friend, Layla Stewart, Carlin Bates’ daughter.

Austin and Joy-Anna Duggar did some sightseeing in Pennsylvania. She shared a few photos, including two of them at the wedding. They cleaned up nicely, and the poses are ones that sparked speculation that the couple might be expecting their third child.

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