Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Works Out with Friends

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Works Out with Friends

Amy Roloff of the hit TLC show Little People Big World spoke with her friend Lisa. And one of the things that came up was the quarantine 15. Many people notice that during the quarantine, due to a lack of activity, they put on pounds.

It seems that Amy is one of the people who looks down on their waist and is not happy. Little People, Big World’s Amy said she wanted to lose 15 or at least 10 pounds. Since Amy makes so many delicious dishes, the fans thought it might be hard for her.

Amy has her own business – Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen – and of course you should try your own food. So, going on a diet might not be the easiest. But it seems that LPBW mother Amy has found other things she can do to make sure she loses some of the extra pounds.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Works Out with Friends

Because Amy can’t reduce the calories too much, she’s working on the other final exercise. She and her old friend Deb were outside enjoying some fresh air. The two took their puppies with them and put in more than three miles.

Fans noticed Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff’s creepy mask. And said it was really cute and thanked her for her responsibility. Amy said she was “working back to a goal, whatever that may be”.

A fan even told Amy that she gave her a sense of calm in these difficult times. So, it seems that the Little People, Big World celebrity is doing well for others, even when she’s walking. There are a lot of people cheering her on so she can fit into her wedding dress.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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