Little People Big World: Chris Marek Surprised Her With A Romantic Dinner

Little People, Big World: Chris Marek Surprised Her With A Romantic Dinner

Amy Roloff bursts into tears as boyfriend Chris Marek kneels in this new teaser clip for TLC’s Little People Big World.

The short film reveals Chris’ plans as he admits he hopes Amy is “ready to take that step with me”.

“I’m going to make a proposal,” reveals the TLC show’s voice-over, “and I hope you’re ready to take this step with me.” While the couple is enjoying dinner, he bends over one knee and an emotional Amy bursts into tears as he asks her to marry him.

“Woohoo! New episode @tlc Little people BIG World, Tuesday. It’s exciting. The story of when ♥️ Chris proposes to me,” Amy Roloff told on Instagram. The special episode also features “more about Zach Tori Jackson, soon to be little Lilah and Matt and Caryn.

“I hope you’ll watch us and have fun while we keep ‘staying in’. Thank you all very much #tlc #littlepeoplebigworld,” she concluded. Amy separated from her 30-year-old husband, Matt, in 2016.

After their separation, Amy and Matt Roloff divided their assets – including the family farm – equally after she accepted an acquisition from her ex.

In a recent episode, an anxious Matt revealed that he wanted to build a wall on the property, and called the project “symbolic” when the construction pieces arrived on their land.

But the reality star, had a heated discussion with his wife, as he enthusiastically told the construction worker: “This is a very exciting day for me. You can’t imagine how long I’ve waited to raise this fence”. It’s an ex-wife situation.

Next door neighbor Amy Roloff came over to inspect the renovation and the ex couple started arguing right afterwards, and the viewers found themselves taking Amy’s side.A Twitter user asked, “A**hole Matt, Amy’s moving away, why do you need a wall?”

“Matt’s making it very difficult for him to keep liking me. The “wall” is a “hole” move, someone wrote.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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