Little People, Big World: Matt and Caryn Hit the Road

Little People, Big World: Matt and Caryn Hit the Road

Matt and his girlfriend Caryntook some time off to see family during Labor Day. Fans saw pictures of Matt Roloff and his father next to each other and said that Matt Roloff looks like his father. And Caryn Chandler agreed that Matt Roloff does look like his father.

Both of Matt’s parents are medium sized, but Roloff’s genes are unmistakably in the facial features. Little People, Big World stars Matt and Caryn Chandler had a good time in California despite the heat and the ashes of the fires. The fires hit many areas of the west coast and forced some people out of their homes.

Some fans noted that they were nearby in California. And they said it was so bad outside that they couldn’t be outside for Labor Day. The ashes are raining heavily in many areas near Matt Roloff’s parents’ house.

When Matt and girlfriend Caryn shared that they were out of town on Labor Day, fans asked why they didn’t go to Ember Roloff’s birthday party. Caryn Chandler replied that they already had plans to visit Huny and Papa. And that they were celebrating with Ember earlier in the week

Fans of Little People, Big World saw that Amy Roloff was at the party. And many thought that’s why the couple chose not to go to the event. And why they celebrated privately with Ember.

Anyway, the newest season of the TLC show will start soon. Fans are excited to see what happens to the family in their 21st season.


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