‘Little People Big World’: Serious Video By Matt Roloff

‘Little People, Big World’: Serious Video By Matt

Season 23 of Little People Big World is full of drama, and fans see that Zach and his father, Matt Roloff, have clashed over the sale of the northern part of the farm. In fact, the father sells only a small part of the property.

But TLC fans hoped it would stay in the family. To keep the excitement going, Matt made a serious YouTube video and revealed many things that fans have not seen on the TLC show.

While fans rage because Zach Roloff and Matt Roloff fought over his decision to sell the plot, it seems that he has made a business decision, ‘d rather a personal decision. This became clear when he posted a new video on YouTube this week. After all, he said earlier that Jeremy and Zach had enough to work out a plan to buy it.

LPBW fans recently saw some interesting clips and photos of projects Matt has started over the years. These aren’t common knowledge, they include a secret mine and a large castle that his daughter Molly might have enjoyed. But it took a long time and she was too old to enjoy it by then. Now more secrets are being revealed that TLC fans may not know about.

‘Little People, Big World’: Serious Video By Matt

When Matt started his video, he explained that it was “serious”. So he didn’t gloss the way about the show or label his family. Plus, it seemed particularly interesting to those who have never been to a pumpkin season agri-event. Greater development of much of the farm is costly, and smaller sales will probably help fund it.

The Little People, Big World patriarch has already told fans that Pumpkin Season will continue. So he explained in the video that during the coronation, he already hiked much of it to the main farm. It’s “goodbye to the castle” and they are selling off the pirate ship. The tunnels, the west castle, the trap doors, and other structures are also leaving the Roloff family.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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