Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Reflected On Her Pregnancy Loss One Year Later.

Little People, Big World: Tori Reflected On Her Pregnancy Loss One Year Later.

Tori Roloff continues to remain one of the most lovable cast members of Little People, Big World. Although she’s mostly on the good book of fans, there has been a new post on her social media that has caused some outrage.

Tori Roloff went through some tough times in 2021. Unfortunately, the celebrity had to experience an unexpected miscarriage when she was expecting her third child in March 2021. So, she is currently pregnant with a “rainbow baby,” and fans are happy for the family.

However, as it has been a year since the unfortunate incident, she shared a post about the same on her Instagram. As per it, the mother constantly wished that she was not “forgotten” while praying to God. Soon, the family received the news that they had been blessed again with another child.

Although the intention of the post was a different one, some fans believe that Tori Roloff was “tone-deaf” in it. This is because they believe she went on to express that parents who are unable to conceive children are “forgettable.” So, many viewers couldn’t help but feel that this aspect is quite offensive.

Little People, Big World: Tori Reflected On Her Pregnancy Loss One Year Later.

Since Tori Roloff is currently in her eighth month of pregnancy, this journey has been both happy and painful. This is because she will soon be having her rainbow baby.

So, she had to reflect a lot on her loss while counting her joys. As a result, the mom ended up making a post on her social media, revealing how she felt a year after her unfortunate miscarriage. In it, the reality mom expressed that she was not able to fully recover from that experience. However, her faith in God helped her during the difficult times.Later, the young mom recalled a sermon. Thus, she constantly prayed to the almighty not to feel “forgotten”. Moreover, she also thanked her loving husband and children for helping her during those difficult times. Finally, she ended the post by calling her pregnancy a gift from God and expressing that the star is pregnant with a healthy baby.

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