LPBW: Caryn Chandler Congratulates Amy Roloff On Her Engagement Again

LPBW: Caryn Chandler Congratulates Amy Roloff On Her Engagement Again

There are a few moments in the Little People Big World family where it seems as if all tensions have subsided. Like the one where Caryn asks Amy Roloff to show off her engagement ring and she hugs Amy and congratulates her again! Let’s have a look.

LPBW: Caryn Chandler Congratulates Amy Roloff On Her Engagement Again

It’s a bright sunny day and the Roloffs are having fun in the sun! Zach Roloff makes his failed attempts at the grill. While Tori helps him. But what steals the attention in this setup is Caryn Chandler asking Amy Roloff to show her the engagement ring. When she congratulated Amy again on her engagement to Chris, Amy Roloff said she would remember not to invite her to his wedding.

Now, she said that as a joke, but did Amy Roloff mean it? Maybe she watched the footage of Caryn Chandler saying she’d rather Amy Roloff didn’t invite them to their wedding. Later in the confessional, Caryn Chandler said she was extremely happy for Chris and Amy Roloff. However, she’s not sure if she gets an invitation and wants to attend her wedding. However, Matt Roloff said that if they receive an invitation, he will definitely go and that he will convince Caryn Chandler to go with him as well.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Said He Will Invite Amy Roloff and Chris Marek At Their Wedding

Even if Matt Roloff’s not going to propose to Caryn Chandler right away, he’s finally going to marry her. When he said he’s going to convince Caryn Chandler to go to Amy Roloff and Chris’ wedding, she asked him if he’ll convince her to let him invite Amy and Chris.

She seemed more worried about Matt Roloff inviting his ex-wife and his important partner to their wedding than going to Chris and Amy’s special day. Matt and Amy Roloff were married for decades before they finalized their divorce in 2016. According to Amy’s memoirs, the reason their marriage fell apart was a woman who worked on Roloff farms, too close to her husband.

Even though Meri never called the woman by her first name, we all know who she was talking about. Maybe the reason Caryn Chandler doesn’t want to be in Amy’s wedding is because Amy Roloff implied it was a family annihilation. Or she could be guilty, if she really is. Well, even if that wasn’t the only reason Amy and Matt Roloff split up, she played a role in the marriage of the estranged couple that went sour over time.

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