LPBW: Update on Jackson Post-Surgery

LPBW: Update on Jackson Post-Surgery

In a post-operative video posted by Tori Roloff on her Instagram Stories, it is clear that Jackson Roloff’s legs are still bowed. As we previously reported, the TLC mother explained that her son was hospitalized for surgery. For surgery to correct the bowedness of his legs. Zach and Tori Roloff had discussed the possibility several times. But the time finally came when it had to be done. One of the things fans noticed in the post-surgery video that Tori Roloff shared was that Jackson’s legs were still crooked. Did the operation fail? Luckily, Tori foresaw that assumption being made. And she quickly explained to her followers why her legs were still crooked.

According to the HHS, there is a bowstring deformation. This deformity is caused by the incorrect positioning of the human knee. When someone suffers from this condition, it causes their legs to bend outwards. This outward bending occurs even when the person’s ankles are together. This deformity is very common in infants. However, experts recommend a medical assessment when a child reaches the age of three and still has bowed legs. As Little People, Big World fans know, Jackson Roloff turned four this year. So it makes sense that surgery would be needed to correct the curvature of his foot. Foot curvature is very common in patients with achondroplasia. Jackson Roloff (and his sister Lilah) were born with this particular dwarfism.

With all of this information in mind, Tori and Zach Roloff were ready for their son Jackson to have the surgery. Fans speculate that there’s a chance Lilah will one day have to have the same surgery. However, in light of all of this information, fans were a little baffled by the post-surgery video. As fans watched Jackson Roloff take several slow and steady steps, using his tiny walking stick to support… Fans noticed that his legs were still crooked. Wasn’t surgery supposed to fix that?

LPBW: Update on Jackson Post-Surgery

Tori Roloff pointed to a caption on top of a video of Jackson Roloff using a tiny walking stick, in which she drew attention to Jackson’s bowed legs. She addressed this information to all the people she knew who would notice the curvature of his post-operative legs. It turned out that Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff made the decision to perform a much less invasive surgery on their son. She explained that the less invasive surgery did corrective work to improve the curvature of Jackson’s legs over time. Tori added that this meant they would not see immediate results in terms of the curvature of Jackson’s legs. But, as he continued to grow… The bowing of his legs would improve.

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