LPBW’s Matt Roloff Is Taking Some Time Off With His Girlfriend Caryn

LPBW's Matt Roloff Is Taking Some Time Off With His Girlfriend Caryn

“Little People, Big World” fans who watched the latest season of the TLC show saw that Matt Roloff did a lot of work for Amy’s wedding. Well, if you watched the special episode of Amy and Chris’ wedding, Caryn Chandler helped with that too.

Plus, they dove right into the annual Pumpkin Festival afterwards. So now they’re enjoying a well-deserved vacation, where did they go on vacation?

All the participants must be feeling very tired by now. First they filmed the last season of the show. Then they went straight on to the annual pumpkin season agricultural show. Now, Amy and Chris took themselves off and went to Florida for a honeymoon this weekend. Recall that last season Matt joked with Chris about being with him for honeymoon. Well, he only said it as a joke because he and Caryn are not in Hawaii right now.

Little People, Big World fans know that Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler never attended Amy’s wedding. Instead, TLC fans saw Jackson Roloff almost steal the show as the cutest ring bearer. Some fans felt that Amy was wrong to at least not invite them because Matt worked hard for her wedding venue. Still, they got together after the big day for one of his dinners as a thank you. Now everyone is enjoying a break

LPBW’s Matt Roloff Is Taking Some Time Off With His Girlfriend Caryn

While Tori Roloff and Zach settle into their new home in Washington, Audrey breastfeeds her new baby. Jacob and Isabel await the arrival of their baby, and Amy and Matt Roloff have both left Oregon. They didn’t leave together, however.

In fact, Caryn and Matt Roloff are visiting Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California Sur. Matt shared the picture on his Instagram stories and Caryn posted plenty of pictures on her main account.

The couple from Little People, Big World are enjoying some quality time catching some sun. Fans know that Matt Roloff doesn’t do too well in cold weather. So he looks happy as a sunburnt iguana. The photos revealed a nice hotel where they are staying. They also enjoyed entertainment, bars, good food and good company. Many TLC fans chatted in the comments about how happy they look together.

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