My 600-lb Life: Does Coliesa McMillian get surgery on ‘My 600-lb Life’?

My 600-lb Life: Does Coliesa McMillian get surgery on 'My 600-lb Life'?

“I never thought I’d end up here in my life, where I’m so big my sister has to help me out of bed and into a bucket to the bathroom,” says My 600-lb Life star Coliesa when we meet her for her six-month health trip.

“I hate that I did this to myself and let things get so bad.” But I have no choice,” she says. Coliesa and two of her daughters live with Mendi’s sister and caregiver Lilly.

“To carry this burden, people don’t understand pain,” Coliesa explains. “It… it hurts.” I mean, imagine carrying 500 pounds every day with every move you make.”

So how’s Coliesa doing now that My 600-lb Life has stopped following her six-month journey? Keep reading for an update on Dr. Now’s patient.

Coliesa’s daughters want nothing more than to see their mother healthy, but Coliesa McMillian cannot imagine a world without her food addiction. “It’s what makes my days bright, no matter what my life is like,” she says. And now eating is pretty much all I do.” Every opportunity makes me want to eat.”

“I could be happy and I want to celebrate with food,” he says, or “I could be sad and I want to soak sadness in food.” “I don’t know how to stop”, the 41-year-old L.A. resident of New Roads confesses to her eating and purging disorder.

As Coliesa says, she has always struggled with her weight. Growing up, her father was an alcoholic who took his anger out on Coliesa and the mother of his four brothers. Unfortunately, the mother died of cancer when Coliesa McMillian was only 3 years old, leading the children to be separated and placed in foster care.

Coliesa McMillian learned to seek comfort in food, and at the age of seven she weighed more than 100 pounds. But her struggle for weight only increased from there, because at the age of eight she was molested by a cousin and then raped by her uncle at the age of 12. At that age, she says she lost confidence in everything around her. “All I believed in was food and I kept earning,” she says.

Coliesa McMillian became the mother of four children, and when she had her fourth daughter, Sadie, at 29, her weight had risen to over 500 pounds.

When she fell in love at 31, she managed to get her life back on track a bit, then had a heart attack. However, Coliesa McMillian was never able to get her heart repaired because she was “too big to operate”.

My 600-lb Life: Does Coliesa McMillian get surgery on ‘My 600-lb Life’?

Then, her fiancé suddenly lost his life in a car accident. “I did everything I could to get through it,” she says, “and that was to eat, not to fall apart.”

When Coliesa arrives from Louisiana at Dr. Now’s office in Houston, the famous bariatric surgeon says her situation is “very worrying”. “Her body has reached the breaking point,” adds Dr. Now, saying that “if she has another heart attack, there’s nothing we can do”.

At her entry weight of 643 pounds, Dr. Now does not believe that Coliesa will survive weight loss surgery. While she makes an honest effort to limit her eating and follow her diet plan, in addition to incorporating exercise into her routine, she is not losing as much weight as Dr. Now would like. “You didn’t even get halfway to where you needed to be,” he says.

Therapy with Lola Clay helps Coliesa understand her trauma and gain sympathy for the little girl she once was. Then, although she hasn’t lost as much weight as Dr. Now would like, Coliesa receives gastric sleeve surgery after arriving at the office with severe stomach pains and doctors say she has too much fat to determine if she has intestinal blockage. “They said my heart was quite healthy,” she says, in a moment of relief.

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