My 600-lb Life: Where is Melissa Marescot now?

My 600-lb Life: Where is Melissa Marescot now?

My 600-lb Life star Melissa Marescot is sharing an encouraging update on her relationship with Elijah. And this news comes as a glimmer of light after her struggle to lose weight.

My 600-lb Life star Melissa is struggling to lose weight. When she begins her weight loss journey, she has a BMI of 115%. Dr. Now responds to Melissa’s weight by saying it is the highest BMI he has ever seen. In addition, Dr. Now tries to warn Melissa about how dangerous Melissa’s weight is. The My 600-lb Life doctor says that her size is seriously affecting her health. Then, he tells her that she needs to weigh about 90 pounds. That’s because she’s less than 5 feet tall.

Then, Nowzaradan goes on to explain that Melissa’s health is at serious risk. This is because her excessive weight is putting so much pressure on the circulatory system and lungs of the My 600 lb Life star. In addition, he tells her that if Melissa catches a cold, she will probably die.

My 600-lb Life: Where is Melissa Marescot now?

My 600-lb Life personality, Melissa, often talks about how lonely she feels. This is because she doesn’t have many friends or family members. So, one of her friends puts Melissa Marescot in touch with a guy who is trying to break into the relationship scene. The man’s name is Elijah. And she talks about how she has been open with him about her weight. Then, she says they’ve been texting each other constantly. So, she goes on a date with her new boyfriend.

On this first date, they are walking together in a park. Melissa talks about how she can’t afford a gym membership. But, Elijah shows her the free equipment to use at the park. And, he helps her get acquainted.

At the end of the date, Melissa talks about how much fun she had with Elijah. And she says she felt very out of her comfort zone. This is because of how big her feet are and how nervous she is that Elijah noticed.

My 600-lb Life episode star Melissa is opening up about a new update in her relationship. After her first date with Elijah, she goes out again for a second date with him. And on this second date, they eat a meal together.

Melissa tells Elijah that she is very happy that he asked her out. And Elijah says that he is happy that she said yes. Then, Melissa tells her boyfriend that she will make him dinner. And he tells her that “it better be delicious.” Then, she says she needs to be with people who inspire her to do better. Also, she feels that Elijah is there for her. Then, she goes on to explain that she knows being with Elijah is the right decision. After eating from his fork, Elijah and Melissa laugh together. They are now an official couple.

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