My Big Fat Fabulous Life Celeb Filming for New Season?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Celeb Filming for New Season?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore showed her body in a bikini after her devastating breakup with Chase Severino. She had to deal with the aftermath of her breakup with Chase Severino. But, Whitney might feel like herself again. She went back to posting her life online.

MBFFL: Whitney Back on Social Media Post-breakup

A few months ago My Big Fat Fabulous Life reported that Whitney Thore and now the former Chase Severino were no longer together. Whitney Thore and Chase had been living apart during the lockdown. So they couldn’t see much of each other. During this time, Chase Severino seems to have rekindled a past relationship. that Chase was going to be a father later this year. However, it took some time before Whitney confirmed that their engagement was off.

After confirming the news, the former My Big Fat Fabulous Life alumnus took some time off the Internet. Looks like Whitney Thore wanted some time to process everything. However, she recently made a comeback. Whitney shared the photos with her fans. And the fans are happy to see her smile again.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Celeb Filming for New Season?

Apparently Whitney lives with her best friend Buddy. She told fans in a video that he was there for her after she found out Chase got another woman pregnant. Buddy had also been there for Whitney after she was in the hospital for having a severe panic attack. And Buddy had been there for her ever since.

According to reports, season eight of My Big Fat Fabulous Life may be in the works. Due to the global pandemic, there may have been a delay in shooting.

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  1. Wow Susan mean girl much. I’d rather be fat than mean spirited. And guess what she has a “real job” . In today’s fucked up world and you start the day with a comment like that.

  2. Sadly, people will do anything to justify whatever darkness they’re in at the time, and shamefully there’s a audience out there to encourage “unhealthy” lifestyles. For me !!
    NO MORE!!!!!!

  3. Apparently you don’t watch the show enough to hear say she has cystpolifibrosis and causes her weight AND the fact that she can’t have a baby. Get all the facts straight before you open up your mouth!

  4. You all should look up the condition she has before making cruel remarks. She has Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. You have rapid weight gain with onset of puberty. By the time you are diagnosed you could put on 100 lbs in a few months. The condition is painful and most of the time it makes you very ireggular monthly and most women unable to conceive. Many woman opt out of surgery to hope someday have fertility treaments and conceive. I have it and life was no picnic.and never was able to conceive which devastated me and my family. This is what she is fighting and facing. Have some compassion especially if you are average size and were able to have children. O have been there, I have compassion and sorrow not cruel remarks.

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