My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Are Happy To See Whitney Way Thore Back

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Are Happy To See Whitney Way Thore Back

My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb, Whitney Way Thore, has announced the happy news. The date of next season’s premiere is no longer under the carpet. The reality TV star went on Instagram to give the official news of the new season’s release. Here’s everything there is to know about it.

Whitney Thore shared a photo on August 12 on Instagram. In that post, she shared that new episodes of her reality show will arrive at TLC in November 2020. After a long period of absence from social media, Whitney recently made a comeback. Upon her return, she left the surprise. The new season will hit screens on November 10, 2020.

Usually, the new season returns in January. However, fans take it for granted that bringing forward the broadcast date means more episodes. They can’t get enough of the good series.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Are Happy To See Whitney Way Thore Back

The upcoming season will likely mark some major developments in Whitney Thore’s life. This will include her split with her ex-fiancé Chase Severino after learning of his infidelity. The season also features Whitney dealing with the novel Corona virus along with her broken relationship.

In the midst of all this, she has her best friend, Buddy Bells, to support her. After that, Whitney Thore should consider going ahead with her successful online training activity with Ryan. And if that’s not enough, Whitney will also start looking for the weight loss surgery option.

After this announcement, fans have taken to comments that express their enthusiasm. One of them wrote that they were looking forward to the new season. They also complimented Whitney saying that she is a strong woman. Another happy fan wrote that this is the only good thing about 2020.

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  1. I thought Whitney was happy about being overweight, and flaunting herself .the reason the men are with you because they wanted to be in the spotlight. They used you. So now weight loss surgery to catch a man good luck. You know I’ve lost over 145 lbs by diet and working out. Surgery doesn’t cure anything.

  2. I have watched your show and I think its wonderful how you have embraced your size as a beautiful woman. I have to disagree with the person on weight loss surgery . I embarked on that journey in 2007 after a marriage of abuse and 2 children later to be what I wanted to be and that was not just healthy on the inside yet outside. Beauty is skin deep and to me size doesn’t make you who you are on the inside,however sometimes people don’t understand when your not a small person people look at you totally different. I learned a long time ago that the real you is on the inside not outside. The outside appearance is forever changing and anyone that has ever been over weight knows how it feels to be looked at even when you know your beauty within. I think your a beautiful smart funny woman and as living proof i know where i came from to where I am today. I lost my weight and I have maintained it now for 13 years since my surgery and no its not as some say a easy fix you still have to work at it,its not easy your still human, but fact is you have to feel good know in long term you’ll be healthier and yes those people that didn’t know you existed or acted as if you weren’t enough before weight loss will come out of the works, however the true friends and ones that love you as you are now will still be right there and love you no matter your size. I am so sorry to hear of the engagement as I was so happy for you I cried as if it was myself but as a woman that has gone through some of the same things you have I can say this theres that special someone right in front of you and whwn your not looking thats when you will finally see him and tou will thank God all these years of waiting was well worth it. I can say that because well I have been there. I so look forward to watching your new season and seeing where life takes you. Seems so weird i am watching you on tv when you’re only a hour from me but I love every minute of it. Last keep this in mind God knew with the engagement what you needed and wanted for that moment BUT he knew he has someone worth so much more. Keep your beautiful head up the sky is the limit you should know you’ve already proven that a many of times to us all doing things you have in your life. Best wishes and i can not wait to see you again..

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