On ‘Sister Wives,’ Kody Brown Demands That Janelle Brown Evict Garrison Brown

On ‘Sister Wives,’ Kody Brown Demands That Janelle Brown Evict Garrison Brown

In the January 2 episode of “Sister Wives”, Kody Brown demands that his second wife, Janelle Brown, kick out their older sons Garrison Brown and Gabriel Brown. Despite being kicked out of the house by his father, Garrison could still save up for his dream house. Garrison has saved up the money and bought a home in Flagstaff, Arizona, close to the rest of the family.

On ‘Sister Wives,’ Kody Brown Demands That Janelle Brown Evict Garrison Brown

In the fall of 2020, while filming the 16th season of Sister Wives, Janelle and Kody Brown will go through the rules of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) again, with the only solution being for Janelle Brown to kick out her older boys. Kody Brown insists that the older boys must move out if they can’t abide by the strict coronavirus rules. When Janelle tells Kody Brownshe won’t feel comfortable kicking her boys out. She says: “They’re adults. Bye-bye.”

Kody Brown tells Janelle Brown, “I’m gonna have Gabriel and Garrison Brown move out of the house. You’ve got a good car. You go get a job. Here’s some cash. Bye.” Janelle says, “This is a different day and age. You don’t just kick your kids out of the house at 18 and say, hope you do good, I’m done. I’m tired.”

Janelle Brown tells him: “Garrison is very close to being able to save his down payment. If I can give him three more months at home. And he’s not really that social anyway.” Now, two years later in 2022, 23-year-old Garrison Brown has finally saved up the money for the house down payment. Documents obtained by The Sun reveal that Janelle and Kody’s son has taken out a $336,000 loan to buy his new home in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The two-storey home of 1441 square metres has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house is spacious and has plenty of natural light. The home also features brand new hardwood flooring throughout the home. The home also includes a fireplace on the first floor for those cold winter months.

The property also has a small fenced yard and backyard. The home is located in Flagstaff and about a twenty minute drive from her father’s $890,000 home.

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