Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shared A New Photo Of Avalon.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shared A New Photo Of Avalon.

Christine Brown has never looked better since the departure of Kody Brown. At least that’s what her social media followers have been saying. She’s living her best life now that she’s back with her older daughters in Utah and has her own $1.1 million duplex.

One of her favourite things about being back in Utah is that she gets to spend precious time with her granddaughter Avalon. Recently, she shared a precious moment with her little munchkin and it was different.

Viewers watched as Christine desperately wanted to leave Flagstaff for Utah in the final two seasons of Sister Wives. When she broached the idea to her husband, Kody Brown, he acted as if he agreed. At the beginning of the series, they had been living in the same home in Utah.

It was a difficult change to escape and move to Las Vegas, but the Browns adapted. Both women had their own homes and began to see what it was like to truly make their own rules. In addition, Robyn was becoming a key member of their family.

Other wives loved Utah but didn’t feel the need to return. Some felt they were unwanted there. Janelle loved the CP property, even living there in a camper during the summer of 2021. Finally, feeling betrayed by Kody Brown and ready to change her life, Christine Brown left the Brown family in November 2021. She hasn’t looked back and has never felt happier. In a recent post, she claims to have found the closest thing to God, and followers couldn’t help but agree.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shared A New Photo Of Avalon.

One of the best perks of being in Utah is spending time with Mykelti and Tony Padron’s daughter, Avalon. Christine’s granddaughter turns one year old in April, but she continues to amaze her Oma in every way possible. In a recent series of posts, Christine Brown said, “Babysitting my beautiful granddaughter is as close to heaven as I can get!” It’s clear that Avalon’s feelings toward her grandmother are mutual.

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