Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Attempt To Acknowledge What She Did

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Attempt To Acknowledge What She Did

Christine Brown recently admitted that apologizing is hard for her after Sister Wives fans slammed her for using the BLM post to promote T-shirts. The movement fights police brutality, racism, injustice and inequality. According to viewers, Christine Brown using it as a promotional opportunity is rude and insensitive. Let’s take a look at how she reacted to the backlash.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Attempt To Acknowledge What She Did

Christine Brown recently went to Instagram to publish her autobiography with a T-shirt. In the caption she said that it’s hard to work, apologize and admit you were wrong is hard. But according to her, saying that the life of black people is not difficult. She urges her fans to say it and live it.

This post came shortly after she used one of BLM’s posts to sell her LuLaRoe merchandise. Although the reality TV star was subtle about it, she couldn’t hide her intentions very well. Of course, nothing can escape the fans’ eyes. In the post, she was wearing a T-shirt marked “perfectly imperfect”.

In the caption, she said that imperfection is perfect for everyone. Although there’s nothing wrong with this particular combination of text, but the fact that she used a BLM post to promote this stuff was offensive to the fans. Not only that, but she also used hashtags that further commercialized the post.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Turning off The Comments

There is a possibility that Christine Brown didn’t realize that she would have to face such intense anger for what she had posted. So, she turned off her comments shortly after seeing the reactions of some angry fans. In fact, one fan noticed that she turned off her comments after people started questioning her about her gesture.

Christine Brown did everything she could to promote her LuLaRoe merchandise. On a recent weekend, she promoted the clothing items throughout the weekend unline Meri Brown that promotes her merchandise only on weekdays.

One fan said it was disgusting that she used a movement that defended people’s rights for her own benefit. Another called her privileged and post performative. One commentator wondered how LuLaRoe came into the picture when she talked about such a serious problem.

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