Sister Wives: Christine Says She Feels Unsafe.

Sister Wives: Christine Says She Feels Unsafe.

On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine and Kody Brown had an intense conversation before she joked that it wasn’t “safe” to discuss it. Well, it soon caught the attention of many fans and they wanted to know what she was trying to tell him.

Christine Brown has longed to return to Utah, while Kody Brown’s other spiritual wife had mixed thoughts. But what led Christine Brown to say that her ex-husband was not safe in Flagstaff made everyone curious.

Sister Wives: Christine Says She Feels Unsafe.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown, in a recent episode, had a heartfelt conversation about not moving to Utah. Since the beginning of this season, his third wife had been talking about moving back to Utah. But unsurprisingly, Kody balked at the idea. He later told the camera that he was initially a bit on the fence about moving back to Utah.

But after he realised, he regretted his decision and apologised to his wife too. Although he confirmed that she accepted his apology, Christine said she could not trust his words.

Moving on, Kody said he asked each wife and they had mixed emotions. However, Christine stood by the matter and said she would “move to Utah in a heartbeat.” “I cannot ride this emotional rollercoaster,” she added. Meanwhile, Kody gave her plenty of reasons why she should stay in Flagstaff, Arizona. That way, he won’t “feel trapped” by other decisions. His wife replied that Utah “feels like a home” because his family lives there.

Kody Brown, on the other hand, tried to persuade him, bringing up a subject that might interest him. He discussed her plans to build a house in Coyote Pass. Christine denied it and said she wasn’t ready.

While Kody Brown was still trying to make things better between them, Christine interrupted the conversation. Shockingly, she said, “No, this is not a safe conversation anymore.” The TV star continued, “it’s not because you’re not safe,” and walked away with teary eyes.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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