Sister Wives: How Did Covid-19 Affect Kody And His Four Wives?

Sister Wives: How Did Covid-19 Affect Kody And His Four Wives?

Kody Brown shocked wives when he announced that he would be getting his own plot of land in Coyote Pass. He seems to be finding it hard to be the polygamist he was once immensely proud of.

Now it seems he’s just throwing up his hands and is over owning more than one wives. With extreme COVID protocols, Kody Brown has only trusted one wives- Robyn. Is he determined to use a pandemic to escape his once beloved polygamy?

When Sister Wives first started in 2010, Kody Brown had a perfect rhythm with his then three wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine. He was excited to show how well a blended family could work with their twelve children. The Browns lived in one of the polygamid-built homes and Kody spent evenings with his wives on a rotating basis. Then Robyn Brown stepped into the picture with her three children and it really changed.

A lot changed soon after when he married his fourth wife. Polygamy isn’t legal, so the family decided it was better to leave Utah for Las Vegas. The Browns left their community and began to live a life completely different from what they were used to.

They were no longer under one roof and the wives had a freedom they never had in Utah and control over their household. Kody saw how much harder the women worked to make ends meet. Polygamy had always had its hardships, but now they had intensified.

He is no longer engaged to his original first wife Meri Brown, whom he divorced in 2014. Kody has said that there is no connection between the two and they are really just friends. Then, in 2018, the family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, where none of the four wives lived remotely close to each other. They admitted that they had trouble communicating with each other. Kody, for her part, questioned whether polygamy was even worth it. Finally, in 2020, COVID hit and he used it ostensibly to be with just one wife- Robyn.

Sister Wives: How Did Covid-19 Affect Kody And His Four Wives?

Kody Brown decided that he would be the one to rotate from house to house when the pandemic hit. However, he had a specific set of rules for his wives and their children that they had to follow. It was much tighter than what the CDC had mandated, as Janelle noted.

He questioned her upbringing, feeling that she was too permissive with two of their children. In addition, he believed Janelle and Christine Brown traveled when they should have been home.

She even refused to travel with Ysabel, Christine and their girls to New Jersey for Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery, which would have put her in intensive care. He claimed he could not be away from his family for so long because it would require quarantine. He’s already said there’s nothing romantic with Meri, so it seems the only woman he wants to be with is Robyn. He stated in the last episode that he sees her the most because she’s the one who follows his rules the best.

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