Sister Wives: Did Christine Brown Leave Kody Brown to go Back to Utah

Sister Wives: Did Christine Brown Leave Kody Brown to go Back to Utah

Sister Wives Season 15 leaves the Brown family on a very tense note. Kody Brown, along with his four Sister Wives, can’t seem to get on the same page. The strain of relationships and the communication gap caused difficulties for everyone. And Christine Brown seems to be the most frustrated and dissatisfied in her relationship with Kody. She has openly admitted that she also wants to move back to Utah.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown shared a house in Flagstaff. They bought it together in 2018. It cost them $520 000. According to Starcasm, the couple put down $130 000 at the time and were left with a $390 000 mortgage.

However, the mortgage amount has now increased to $394 000, with Christine now in full ownership. In August 2020, a bond was issued transferring full ownership to Christine. Kody signed the papers on 30 October. And the house officially went into Christine’s estate on November 6.

This scenario didn’t play out in season 15, but it will be a big part of the upcoming season. There have been some revelations about the future of the reality drama, confirming that there are several more seasons to come. So, we will wait for Christine and Kody’s explanations on the above case.

Sister Wives: Did Christine Brown Leave Kody Brown to go Back to Utah

Christine was previously seen expressing her desire to live in Utah. Christine has been on a zigzag path with Kody. Christine has found it extremely difficult to get along with Kody.

Previously, fans saw the Sister Wives star admit that she is tired of her relationship with Kody and no longer feels expected. She also says she feels like she doesn’t matter to Kody anymore. The 48-year-old also revealed that she is leaving Flagstaff for Utah.

So has Christine already gone to Utah? No, that doesn’t appear to have happened. Christine’s most recent posts say that she is still living in Flagstaff. Does this mean that nothing bad has happened to Christine and Kody’s relationship?

Christine was also seen wearing her ring, suggesting that the marriage is still on. Anything can happen from now on, so we patiently wait for the upcoming season to find out more.

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