Sister Wives: Fans Blames Robyn For Everything

Sister Wives: Fans Blames Robyn For Everything

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is currently upsetting fans because she seems to be behind many of Kody Brown’s decisions. In a bonus scene shared by TLC on Instagram, fans expressed their thoughts on her wanting a big home for their big family visits.

Apparently, it goes unnoticed to him that the family has split up and he is hardly in a hurry to get back to Flagstaff for the big reunions.

Sister Wives: Fans Blames Robyn For Everything

In season 16, fans scolded Robyn Brown when Kody Brown wanted to send his daughter Ysabel to have back surgery himself. Of course, since she was only 16 at the time, the fans got mad at her. After all, it’s not as if she went in for a simple operation, like an ingrown toenail.

But some of them claimed that Robyn Brown was holding him tightly to her so that she could spend time with her children. But Kody is a grown man and really it’s more his character flaw than hers, some TLC fans reasoned.

Sister Wives fans also saw that Robyn Brown did not want to move back to Utah as it could be dangerous for her family. Although the state eased polygamy a lot, she fears the possible consequences for her children. So Kody used her argument to Christine. He told her that if she moved to Utah, she might regret it and start to fear for Truely. Well, Christine got over it by leaving him altogether and is no longer his spiritual wife. One point for Robyn, who doesn’t want other women around, some fans think.

On Friday 10 December, TLC shared a bonus clip on Instagram. In it, the couple sat around and discussed the development of their property. Meri said she wants a small location separate from her work. She later pointed out that she doesn’t really need a huge home because many of her children have left home.

These days, they hardly ever have big family gatherings. Meanwhile, fans already know that Janelle doesn’t mind the little one, as she lived in a camper this summer. So she’s not interested in the mansion either. Robyn Brown, on the other hand, wants a huge house.

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