Sister Wives: Fans Think Janelle Has Followed Christine Brown To Utah

Sister Wives: Fans Think Janelle Has Followed Christine Brown To Utah

Sister Wives fans are wondering if Kody Brown’s wives, Janelle and Christine Brown, have moved to Utah together. It was Christine Brown’s dream to move back to Utah, as Sister Wives fans saw last season’s show unfold.

Christine faced strong resistance from Kody and the rest of the wives and ended up storming off after pitching the idea to them, however.

Sister Wives: Fans Think Janelle Has Followed Christine Brown To Utah

Now, a few clues given by Kody Brown’s second wife, Janelle Brown, has Sister Wives fans wondering if she has joined her sister wife, Christine Brown, in Utah. Earlier this week, Janelle shared a post on her Instagram Feed, telling her followers that she was headed “into town” for the winter.

Until now, Janelle Brownhas been living in an RV in Coyote Pass with her and Kody Brown’s daughter, Savanah, after being forced to leave her rental property in Flagstaff, which sold in the summer.

With nowhere to call home without her RV, Sister Wives fans are curious about where Janelle and Savanah might be living for the winter. Some have speculated that perhaps Janelle Brown and Christine Brown are living next door to each other in Christine’s rented duplex in Utah. After seeing a photo Janelle Brown shared on her Instagram Stories, a Sister Wives fan took to Reddit to share a post, pitching an idea to other fans.

Other Sister Wives fans commented on the post and agreed that if Janelle and Christine are, in fact, living together in Utah, they would be happy with the idea. Janelle and Christine Brown recently spent time together in California, without husband Kody Brown, while visiting Disneyland with their daughters Savanah and Truely.

Now that Sister Wives fans know for sure that Christine Brown has moved into a duplex in Utah, it certainly raises a lot of questions about the Browns’ future as a polygamous family. Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown, splits much of her time between Flagstaff, Arizona and Parowan, Utah, where she runs her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

If Janelle also moved to Utah, that would mean Kody and Robyn Brown would spend time together almost exclusively in Flagstaff. Could this have been the plan all along? Many Sister Wives fans have long thought that Robyn always planned to push out the other wives in an effort to become Kody’s only wife.

Now that season 16 of Sister Wives is right around the corner, fans will be looking for a lot of answers there as well, after last season left many unknowns.

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