Sister Wives: Fans Think Robyn Brown Is Manipulative

Sister Wives: Fans Think Robyn Brown Is Manipulative

Thanks to her actions on “Sister Wives”, Robyn Brown is still widely regarded as the show’s villain. According to die-hard fans, Robyn shook up the entire Brown family dynamic when she came on screen. The new season will give viewers even more reason to believe that Robyn is as devious as ever.

Sister Wives: Fans Think Robyn Brown Is Manipulative

There is no doubt that the Sister Wives fans are fiercely loyal. Followers of the series have been openly talking about the Brown family and their polygamous lifestyle for years. Robyn is the only woman who seems to get far more hate than love from viewers. Much of the resentment seems to stem from the fact that Kody Brown prefers Robyn Brown and spends most of his time with her. However, fans of the series also criticise Robyn for being an ostensible puppet master who controls Kody Brown and sets fire to family books wherever she goes. Most people who watch the series think Robyn is always manipulative.

As viewers of Sister Wives well know, Robyn Brown has been aptly nicknamed “Sobbin Robyn” because of her ability to burst into tears at any moment. However, many viewers believe that her tears are a calculated move on her part, as they believe she has conveniently played the victim. One recent development that showed Robyn pulling the cord was when she told Kody Brown not to inform Christine Brown that the wives did not want to move to Utah.

Another example was when the Browns held a socially awkward campfire gathering. Meri had followed Kody Brown’s strict quarantine rules, but Robyn still wouldn’t let her share the campfire. Instead, she decided to complain that no one was helping her with her young children.

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