Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Really The Favorite Wife?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Really The Favorite Wife?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is taking a lot of abuse from TLC fans. Many of them believe that she would like all the other women to disappear in an instant. Convinced that she wants Kody Brown for herself, many people are looking for something to criticize. Of course, the fact that he’s’ a former actress who turns on the tears like a light switch makes them feel he’s emotionally manipulative.

Janelle Brown claims that Kody Brown does not sit at the centre of her universe. This came on Sunday’s, 19 December episode. While she’s not running away and becoming the world’s leading coronavirus social-dancer, it seems that Robyn Brown is doing just that. It seems Robyn will do anything to keep her man loyal to her. Kody, as a man with an ego, apparently appreciates that a woman will comply with anything he wants in life. Compared to Christine, who beats on the trail, Robyn Brown is an angel.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown gets a lot of sympathy because Robyn Brown seemed to reject her as woman number one. But Meri pushed the original relationship. Besides, she seemed only too happy to let Robyn Brown take her place after the divorce. Again, she was okay with it. Besides, she often seems to seek her freedom so as not to be stuck with Kody. Was it entirely Robyn’s fault, then, that Meri collapsed like a flower when a new wife came along?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Really The Favorite Wife?

Many fans believe that Robyn Brown is very much the boss of women. Although Kody denies that any woman makes decisions for him, fans disagree. In fact, many of them think that she gets all the love and attention from Kody because she is a master manipulator.

What the hell has given them that impression over the years? After all, he suffers from jealousy, just like Christine. It seems that because Kody favours her, she gets a slap. This despite the fact that it was Meri Brown who initially encouraged Kody and Robyn’s relationship.

Screenrant investigated the disparaging attitudes of the fans. In fact, it also seems that the Sister Wives star often says things that can be taken badly. The publication reminded fans that Robyn often comes across as passive-aggressive. The outlet recalled that she let her three children call Kody “daddy” and it was taken as her trying to get in bed with other women. After all, children are everything in their confession. Then she loves to talk about her “purity” as if Kody was blessed by God to find her. In addition, she is critical of the children other women raise.

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