Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Taking Care of Her Mental Health

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Taking Care of Her Mental Health

Janelle Brown has never been the shyest of the four Sister Wives. In particular, she’s established herself over the past two seasons with Kody and his pandemic rules. For her, she chooses her children over her husband every day.

In a blended family, you’re with your kids 24/7. Husband is on rotation, so he’s not as prevalent. Due to Kody Brown’s redundant rules and mandates, he rarely comes to Janelle and Christine’s home. In the final episode, Janelle finally admits what the pandemic and family division has done to her.

When Sister Wives first debuted in 2010, Janelle Brown was a proud workaholic. She left home when the sun rose and was back when the sun had set. It wasn’t hard for her to admit that she loved her six children with Kody Brown.

However, the other husband openly said he preferred to work. There she flourished. When the family moved to Utah so Kody Brown could get better job opportunities, Janelle decided to stay in Wyoming.

She had just started a really great job and wasn’t ready to leave. It was also great for the family financially. So she was separated from her Sister Wives and husband for about eight months. Janelle Brown has shown herself to be extremely dedicated and independent, so when the pandemic broke out, she was faced with some tough choices. She had only three children left at home. Savanah is her youngest and was still in secondary school. Gabriel was in college but had a social life and a girlfriend. She wanted him to be secure, but knew he was still a young man.

As for his son Garrison, his college was paid for by the military and he returned home to work to save for home. He was only exposed to his job at the time and he decided to keep Kody away for a handful of weeks. In the end, Kody Brown decided to stay away because he thought his sons were unsafe and uncaring. It was hard for everyone and the boys just didn’t understand his motives at all.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Taking Care of Her Mental Health

Last week, Kody Brown shared the rules to follow to get everyone together for the 2020 holidays. Janelle had a hard time with them and she felt like she was mocking them. When she came to do yard work this week, she apologized for her reaction.

However, she shared that she had done most of the things on the list. Still, he wasn’t going to stop Gabriel from meeting his girlfriend. Nor was he going to kick Garrison out when he was so close to having a down payment.

The boys loved spending time with their dad and called him for just about everything. Now it’s been about eighty-nine months and they consider him an antagonist. They don’t even want to be around him because Kody thinks the boys should be on their own. Finally Janelle admits that her mental health is struggling with all this back and forth. Between Kody’s strict rules and not going, plus the boys’ confrontation with their father and all the rage – it’s just too much.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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